Monday, 13 September 2010

Speech Appointment

After a nice quiet week off from therapies and appointments, today we were back into it all and finished our last session with Lifestart for Violet's stuttering program.

Sad to say, it hasn't made a difference having these sessions. Violet just can not grasp the concept of what smooth and bumpy speech is. She is still unaware of her speech having these stutters. Like it's normal for her.

It has already been over 1 year since she started stuttering. So, I will continue the program myself at home and at her preschool and hope over time she will improve.

In other news:

Contacted RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) and after waiting for the past year on their wait list, Violet is still only 77 on the waitlist! I am so frustrated how long this takes!

Violet had Preschool photos last Tuesday, so will post those when we get them.

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Jolene said...

Awww thats too bad it hasn't worked for her, but maybe in time it will with moms help:)