Monday, 20 September 2010

Riding for the Disabled

After contacting RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) last week and finding out after 1 year of waiting that Violet is still only 77 on their waitlist, I thought surely there is something I can do to get her into one of their riding centres sooner.

So, I decided to call all the Sydney branches of RDA and explained our situation of the long wait and still not much progress in the queue. Success...The RDA at Blaxland invited us out to meet them today and once we have the medical clearance from Violet's G.P, she can start on 11th October...every Monday onwards! I was so happy to hear through my persistence we had found a spot for her! It is alot further to travel but I figured as long as she has a spot, I am willing to travel.

Next year when she starts primary school and once over her leg/foot surgery, we can resume riding on Saturdays.

Violet came away today super keen. Will post some photos after her first lesson!


Alison said...

Fantastic! Good on you for persevering. I can't wait to see the pictures!

Missy said...

YIPPEEEE! Good on you for taking it further.

I am glad she enjoyed today...cant wait to see pics either!

Kristen said...

That is so fantastic! Way to go persistent mama!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Great News!! Good on your Sarah for persisting. Your hard work surely paid off... Cant wait to see photos x

Mazzmerise said...

thats excellent news and you all will have a blast. sometimes you need to push them and glad it has a great outcome for you ♥

I use to volunteer for RDA in SA with My horse as a Teen was so special and happy I gave a bit to a great cause

Belinda said...

Excellent! Look forward to the pics! xx.

Dianne said...

Awesome! As I started to read this post I was preparing to write a message to you about contacting the centres directly. So glad you did that! It's how we got our spot.
I am sure that Violet will LOVE the riding. It's awesome xo