Friday, 17 September 2010

Botox Clinic Follow-up

This morning we had Violet's Botox Clinic follow-up appointment.

Her elbow extension has definitely improved with Botox, while her leg/foot are still the same :( I'm not surprised given her past lack of response to Botox to her leg/foot, but I live in hope it will work again and avoid the surgery that is fast approaching in February. It has however definitely given her pain relief for her leg/foot. As you can see from the photo above it has not done a damn thing to bring her heel down! Makes me cringe seeing her foot like this. I really don't know how it hasn't broken her ankle somehow yet!

We have not booked back in for more Botox at this stage mainly due to the fact that her next lot would be due around the same time as her Orthopaedic surgery. So will continue to monitor her arm/hand and when she needs more Botox, I can re-book.

I am still wrestling with the fact that Violet's leg/foot needs the surgery. I definitely know Violet can not function properly without this surgery and I have the hope that she will walk better in the long term from the surgery.

I just feel like I don't know if I can handle seeing her in all the pain she will be in. She has been through 2 brain surgeries hoping she can cope somehow with this.

It is going to be a living hell post op. Casting with no weight baring initially for 8 weeks and she will also have K-wires in for her boney procedure part of the op.

Then last week, I receive a letter from her Orthopaedic Surgeon stating his plans and he also adds that he is hoping this surgery will help correct Violet's leg/foot.

The no guarantees this will work yet, the high possibilities of multiple future surgeries and putting my little girl through this and trying to explain to her why I am putting her through all this to hopefully get the desired easy task when your child is so young and can not comprehend it all.

I think the only thing we can do is try as there are no other options for Violet now.

Next on the agenda: Get 1 ½ cm shoe rise added to her left shoe including her school shoes, at $100 a shoe, it's not going to be cheap!


Alison said...

The surgery sounds painful - and it sounds like you don't have any other option unfortunately. Her foot looks painful! If only there was a guarantee the surgery would work - that would make it much easier to deal with.

Those wires sound awful :(

Belinda said...

Her foot looks so painful!

Really hoping the surgery will make a huge difference! I'm sure it will! xx.

Missy said...

Oh Sarah, it sounds so painful but her foot looks just as painful.

I think the thing that I hate most about medicine is that what helps you harms you and that our little ones are subjected to any of this at all.

I hope that this IS the answer, that this makes all of the difference.

bug hugs xxx