Friday, 3 September 2010

Audiology Review

Violet had her audiology review this morning and her hearing has improved slightly, this is mainly due to the pressure in her right ear going down.

She still has Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in her left ear which is still reading with very high pressure in her middle ear.

So, we will see what her ENT thinks at her appointment with him on the 22nd September.

While there we also had her UCBL adjusted by her Orthotist and she is back to wearing it.

In other news:
We received notification today that Violet was approved for Kids on the Move - Transition to school for children with additional needs! This means that she has received funding from this organisation to have one of her current preschool aides attend school for 3 visits during Term 4 this year and 8 visits in Term 1 of next year. Will be fantastic having someone she knows there to help with her transition to school!


Alison said...

What a fantastic programme! I wonder if Ashlea would be eligible for something like that? It would be so good to have her preschool teacher involved in the school transition. I am going to miss our preschool teacher so much - thankfully we still have another year!

Sarah said...

Definately Alison! I can give you the info if you like?

Belinda said...

Great news on the approval! Fantastic! xx.