Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Loan Wheelchair

This morning we picked up Violet's loan wheelchair from The Spastic Centre. We have initially borrowed it for 6 months to start with and will see how the MAT assessment goes next Wednesday and then get a better idea of what chair will be more suitable for her when she has her trials.

To show you all what her hemi foot looks like when she is walking and weight baring without an AFO, you will clearly see why she can hardly walk now without her AFO, have a look at this:


Alison said...

Oh wow - that foot looks really painful. What does she think of the wheelchair? Have you been out in public with it yet??? The first trip out into the big wide world with your kid in a chair is pretty confronting (I thought so anyway).

Sarah said...

She seems to like it so far and I think she feels it's more acceptable than her Maclaren stroller.

Havne't ventured out in it just yet. I will be using it at Westmead on Friday for her eye clinic appt.

Laura said...

Ouch, her hemi foot does look very painful. Glad that she will have a chair to help relieve some that discomfort.

Hope you find the one that works best for Violet.

April said...

She looks great in her new wheels!
Hope her feet get a nice rest!