Friday, 20 August 2010

Opthamologist Appointment

This afternoon we had another follow-up with Violet's Opthamologist about her Scleral Shell. Have I mentioned before how much I despise the Eye Clinics waiting! I am so over that clinic, it has never improved over the past 5 years!

As mentioned from our last visit they wanted us to bring Violet back in while wearing her Scleral Shell and then while there take it out to look if it is causing any scratches to her eye.

I took the shell out for them and they put some of the fluorescein drops in to detect any scratches to her micro eye. There was a definate scratch to her micro eye and most likely what is causing her pain. I saw it myself, poor little thing!

So as the shell is irritating her eye so much, her Opthamologist is organising another EUA and Moulding for a new Scleral Shell. It will be almost 18 months since her last EUA and Eye Moulding by then. I signed the consent today for the GA and he said it should all be done in the next 2 months.

In other news:
She has Botox on Monday to relieve the pain in her hemi foot/leg before her upcoming surgery and they will be Botoxing her arm again.

On Wednesday, she has her MAT Assessment for her own wheelchair.

On Thursday, we finish the final funding application for school with Department of Education.

On Friday, follow-up chest x-ray from her recent pneumonia and follow-up with her Paed.


Alison said...

I can't believe you were at eye clinic today - we were at botox!! And on Monday we will be at endocrine clinic while you'll be at botox - I'll come upstairs and see if I can find you so we can catch up!!!

Ashlea is waiting on an EUA as well.

Sarah said...

Oh really! We were in the afternoon eye clinic and on Monday we are on the morning list for Botox.

Belinda said...

What a week!!!!

Hope all goes well! xx.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Hmmm, this is Westmead Eye Clinic right?

SCH (actually its in POW) Eye Clinic is also a 'black hole' of time...

Glad there is a plan to make her more comfortable eye-wise.