Thursday, 26 August 2010

Funding Application....tick!

Canon 550d - Coloured Pencil

Today I met with Violet's primary schools Principal, Disability Itinerant Support Lady, Vision Itinerant Support Manager, Regional Area Manager for Dept of Education and School counsellor to finalise Violet's funding application.

We went through all the areas of funding for children available and talked about what level of assistance Violet would require. I first waited to hear what level they thought she needed and what was great is that they were exactly what my thoughts were on what level of assistance she needs.

Even though Violet does not quite fit the criteria for Vision Support at school based on the criteria outlined by the Education Dept, the Vision Itinerant Support Dept visited Violet at her Preschool a few weeks ago and saw exactly how her vision impairment impacts on her everyday life. He said today he is applying for what is called a "special consideration" for vision support! He said he cant promise she will get it or even much, but hey it's definitely better than what they said originally!

So we are signing off on a few different areas for funding, these are the main ones I can remember: Physical Disability, Mild Intellectual Disability, Receptive Language disorder, Vision, Hygiene, Safety, Medical.

Seems my
, I mean advocating may have just paid off!

End of Term 3 we will find out just how much funding she will receive and if not enough we can have it reviewed for more in Term 1 of 2011.

Next appointment at school will be Orientation in October and then in November to finalise Violet's Health Action Plan.

Phew...almost all done!


Melissa and Luke Young said...

Good on you for all the hard work you put into this Sarah... You are a great advocate (nag) hehehe for Violet. We shouldnt have to nag so much, should we... Well done again!!!

Alison said...

Glad to hear it is all coming along - sounds like all your hard work is paying off. Now the wait begins...

Belinda said...

Phew, for sure!

Good that it's all coming along, and I have everything crossed it all pays off! xx.

n0thingbuteverything said...

glad to hear you're getting some slightly more positive feedback. I hope it comes through! It bloody well should (and you should not have to be work so hard to get it)! xoxo

Monica said...

I am a sometime lurker. I also have hydro. I like to check in on your daughter. I remember when I was in school it was not so easy to get help even pushing. if I could not do things with the rest of the class I was SOL