Monday, 23 August 2010

Botox Clinic

This morning Violet had her 6th set of Botox Injections.

While we were waiting for Violet to go in, Alison arrived with Ashlea and Audrey after their own appointment in another clinic at the Hospital...was nice to see them again.

They decided to get a play therapist in this time to try and coax Violet into wanting to wear the mask for sedation, which didn't seem to help, I think if anything it made her get more agitated.

They gave Violet Midazolam again to help relax her before the injections and this time it seemed to work alot better than previous times. She amazingly didn't hardly cry during the injections.

I think the key to this was the fact they waited for the Midaz to kick in properly before injecting.

They still went ahead with injections to her calf to hopefully relieve some of the pain she continuously experiences from her CP. She also had muscles near her elbow botoxed again for better elbow extension, which was good as her leg/foot have been the main focus of late (for good reason), her arm hasn't been done for 2 years.

Specialist said no serial casting this time as there is no point as it will not help as she clearly needs the surgery.

Follow-up on 17th September.


Alison said...

I'm glad it went well - or better than usual anyway! Was nice to see you guys - I'll email or FB about catching up again.

ferfischer said...

So jealous that you guys get to see each other! I hope the botox helps - sorry to hear about needing surgery though.