Friday, 9 July 2010

Speech Appointment

This afternoon Violet finished her speech assessment for her language funding application for school.

Her speechie has been using the CELF Preschool Assessment which stands for Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals. It is one of the main speech assessments that The Department of Education will recognise and accept.

We should have Violet's results in the next week.


Alison said...

It will be good to have all the reports in. I will be very interested when we go through this next year to see how they assess Ashlea - I'm pretty sure the tests under-rate our kids abilities rather than over-rate them. I hope getting the results next week is OK.

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Oooh, Molly's having one of these in a couple of weeks - I suspect in the same place, possibly even by the same person. ;-)

We shall have to compare notes afterwards... Did it take long?? Was Violet happy to participate?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend after your recent tricky times (thought about Kerry constantly at SCH yesterday - especially as we were near ICU and likely share a neurosurgeon...)

Take care, Susan

Sarah said...

Only took 1 hour. Speechie broke it up into 2 x half hour appts.

Yeah she was bribed alot with activities inbetween in an effort to keep her attention span, as Violet can not concentrate on any task for long.

Belinda said...

It will be good to have all your results in, and then see what funding and help you will get with school!

Wish things could be done easily! xx.