Wednesday, 7 July 2010


This morning Violet had her vision acuity assessed in her right eye at Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC).

As predicted in my last post she has made an improvement, which I really feel comes down to the fact she is that 1 year older and can conform to testing much more accurately.

Her vision acuity in her right eye still has a mild vision impairment and was 6/12. So, good news that it is a better indication of what her vision is but on the other hand will not qualify her for any vision support at school as they need minimum of 6/24.

Orthoptist said it would be her optic nerve in her right eye that is causing this vision impairment, as I already know, it has been damaged due to the high pressure Violet has in her brain from her hydrocephalus.

So, next step will be to get the Guide Dogs orientation and mobility instructor to visit Violet's school and make suggestions as to how they can make it more safe for Violet and also suggest positioning of her in the classroom etc.


Carla said...

its mind boggling that she can't get vision support:( Hopefully the guide dog people can help. Will she be getting a dog? How cool would that be!

Sarah said...

I know!

She already has access to guide dogs for orientation and mobility but not with a guide dog. They mainly try to get Violet used to scanning her environment as she bumps in to things and falls alot.

They have suggested she uses a cane though soon as that can help her with depth perception. Just not sure if she could get the hang of a cane yet, feel she doesn't understand enough.

Alison said...

I hope the guide dogs give you some help. Who did Violet's assessment?

Are they going to make visual adjustments to the school like painting on the edge of the steps???

Sarah said...

Allison Willis, but I think she has married since we had Violet's last assessment so her surname has changed.

Yeah they will be apparently.

Cathy said...

Thanks for your wishes regarding Bella's EEG. Its really great to keep in touch with you and Violet. Bella also has polymicrogyria. I think a dog would be fantastic as an aid as well as a best friend.

Laura said...

I'm still befuddled at how things work over there but hope that the guide dog people can help Violet.

Cara qualified for vision therapy through a wonderful center near our house and then also got services in school for 1/2 of the year. They determined that she had made great progress and no longer needed actual therapy, though she will still be monitored to be certain that she doesn't need services in the future.

I'm glad that the school is willing to help with her depth perception. That was Cara's biggest obstacle too.