Monday, 12 July 2010

Orthopaedic Surgeon Appointment

Today was the big day for us, the day we finally found out from Violet's Orthopaedic Surgeon how he would be tackling her surgery.

From the MRI he has decided to do a mixture of soft tissue and bony structure corrections they are the following:

Steindler Release = Plantar Fascia Release
Decancellation of the Cuboid Bone to help with Forefoot Adductus
Tendo-Achilles Lengthening
Abductor Hallucis Lengthening to help with Metatarsus Adductus
Tibialis Posterior Lengthening

This link helps explain some of the these.

He mentioned alot of her muscle in her right leg had turned to fibrous tissue now and that would be why Botox just isn't working on her leg/foot.

A long list of major leg/foot surgery so he puts it. The operation will take 2 ½ hours and she is booked in for 22nd February 2011. She will be in for a few days and will be casted initially for 8 weeks.

He really can't do it any sooner as she is already very young to be having this kind of surgery but at the same time feels that it does need to be done as soon as possible as Botox and Castings are just not working. Unfortunately, he said she will need more surgeries over the years. Her hips are still out but I guess we will see what effect this surgery may have to possibly help correct that problem too?

In some ways I am so very anxious about all this surgery, especially when I have heard alot of friend's stories of how their children have endured similar surgeries with so much pain post op and other complications, but at the same time all we want is Violet to be able to walk and function without pain now and throughout her lifetime and as Violet says herself "want walk like she does" pointing to other little girls :(


Alison said...

Wow - that sounds major - especially seeing as she will have just started school :(

So heartbreaking to hear her say she wants to walk like the others - I will be praying that the surgery helps her to do this.

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Its so hard to hear of kids so young having to endure such major surgery... I hope the surgery helps her to 'walk like others' as she see's it xx

Missy said...

I am so sorry to hear that Violet must endure such major surgery. I hope that she will be able to walk and funtion without pain...I will be keeping a close eye come Feb 22nd on Miss Violet.
hugs to you

Laura said...

That sounds like a massive surgery. Hope that all goes well and that Violet is able to walk with more ease & help her feel in step with her peers...poor girl. :o(

Ally {mtm} said...

Oh Sarah, my heart breaks reading this news.

You and gorgeous Violet are in my thoughts xx

Belinda said...

It will be major surgery, but it will be worth it. She is a trooper, and so brave! xx.

Josephine said...

So a couple of weeks ago I consolidated my blogger and gmail accounts, and for some reason your blog didn't make it through to my new reading list! So I'm just catching up now, and it seems that I've missed some stuff! Sorry to hear that Violet's been sick.
This surgery must have been a big and quite difficult decision for you to make, but I don't doubt that it will be the best thing for her. Isn't it heartbreaking to hear her wishing to walk like other little girls...poor thing. I hope and pray that the surgery will help her achieve that, and that she'll be able to be comfortable and pain-free afterwards.