Friday, 2 July 2010

Opthamologist & Speech Appointments

This morning Violet had her Opthamologist review as I mentioned in her last Opthamologist post, her micro eye has not been tolerating wearing her scleral shell for a while now.

The decision at this stage is to bring her back for another review in 2 months wearing her scleral shell and take it out while there to see if it is damaging the surface of her eye when doing this. If it is, they will get her Ocularist to make another adjustment and would also like to organise another eye moulding and EUA.

This afternoon Violet started another more formal speech assessment in an effort to gather as much information about Violet's expressive and receptive language disorders. She said Violet would most likely score around 5-6th percentile, but also added to get funding for school for this she would have to score below 1st percentile. So I am kind of wondering whether to bother when it is quite obvious that even if she scores low, it will not be low enough!

Now we have been dealt another blow for her funding, I am wondering whether to bother with her vision funding as she has another vision acuity for her right eye on Wednesday at RIDBC.
This time last year her acuity in her right eye was 6/30.

You need a minimum of 6/24 for any kind of vision support for school but I am not getting my hopes high, as she is a year older and in turn may conform better for testing.

Even though she is blind in her left eye, for some weird reason that doesn't mean a damn thing! I feel like patching 1 of their eyes and asking them to navigate around their environment, particularly stairs!

Sorry for the negativity, just this school funding stuff really sucks for someone like Violet. Running out of energy to fight it!

In other news:

She has really picked up the last 2 days from her Pneumonia and finished her last dose of AB's this morning, so will see how she goes over the coming days/weeks. Chest Xray on 30th July can not come quick enough!


Alison said...

I'm so glad to hear she has picked up from the pneumonia.

The school funding thing is ridiculous. So if you score on the 2nd centile you don't qualify for support but on the first you do???

I hope Violet is able to get itinerant vision support at school next year. At the very least they need to go out and assess the school and see if she needs things like bright markings on steps and handrails installed etc.

Keep fighting - I know it is exhausting but Violet is the one who will benefit from all your efforts.

Missy said...

I am just bewildered with how this whole funding thing works...I just cant imagine the frustration and anger you must be feeling towards it all.
Keep fighting, as Alison said, It is Violet who will benefit xxx

Mazzmerise said...

so glad she is recovering from the pneumonia ♥

OMG to all the crap with Funding hope she can get something as that is so silly the way they access it keep up the fight and hope something comes out positive for you all

Thinking of you ♥

Belinda said...

I can't believe funding criteria????

I hope Violet continues to improve. xx.

TherExtras said...

This thought occurred to me when reading your post - the schools have learned from the medical billing business how to deny. Rats!