Sunday, 27 June 2010

A word that starts with P...

After day 4 of high fevers on Friday, I decided to call her management team at the Kids Hospital who said we should come straight in.

Seems it was lucky we did as Violet has Pneumonia. She also has pleural effusion on her right lung. I almost fell off my chair when I saw her chest xray! They kept repeating to me that her pneumonia is quite bad, something I just wasn't prepared to hear as we are always in here for Neuro type matters.

She has been on antibiotics and they have of course taken the usual tests...bloods, urine, cultures.

She required oxygen on her first night here as her stats were so poor. She is luckily off the oxygen now and being monitored while she recovers. She has some fluid on her right lung which they are unsure yet whether to drain, so we will await their decision. I am hoping it's only small so they don't need to.

Her fevers have come down since yesterday lunch time so hoping from that it's a positive sign and that her AB's seem to be fighting this well.

I will update once we are home which should be in the next few days.


Mazzmerise said...

♥♥{{Hugs}} Sarah
Hope Violet gets better soon and her lungs clear so she doesn't need to have them drained
we are thinking of you all ♥

Alison said...

Oh no! I hope she is starting to feel better and that they don't have to drain the lung. What ward are you on? I have to pick up some meds there tomorrow?

n0thingbuteverything said...

Oh no!! Poor little girl!
I seem to have heard of quite a few people having pneumonia recently?
I hope that she recovers very quickly. Sending healthy healing vibes your way xo

Carla said...

Holy Cow! Poor girl. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Ally {mtm} said...

Oh poor little Violet, I'm glad she's responding to the AB's, an hat she's home very very soon.

I have everything crossed her lung doesn't need to be drained, that sounds incredibly distressing.

Thinking of you both xx

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Oh Sarah... sorry to hear this. Poor Violet & poor you... Hoping Violet gets better quickly and they dont have to drain the fluid... Hope you get some rest, and if not some GOOD COFFEE... Thinking of you xxx

Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Oh no... Poor Violet! Poor you!!

Its so hard isn't it, making the decision about whether & when to take them in to the ED...

Whenever I call our Paed to talk to him about whether Molly needs to be seen he says:
"if you're concerned, bring her in"

So now I don't bother calling him - if I'm getting ready to call him we just take her in!

Big, healing, hugs to you both,

Susan xx

April said...

Oh my goodness! We'll be praying for a speedy recovery. thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Oh poor little Violet! So glad that she is responding to the AB's. No wonder she was feeling so poorly.
Hope that your stay is short and that her lung doesnt need to be drained.
hugs to all

Hannon! said...

Oh no!! I am so sorry. I hope they don't have to drain the fluid in her right lung too! Hope she feels better soon and you guys get to go home soon.