Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Pre-Enrolment Meeting

Today I met with the local primary schools Principal, Disability Itinerant Support Lady, Regional Area Manager for Dept of Education and School counsellor.

The reason for this meeting was to answer a barrage of questions they had about Violet's strengths and weaknesses...something that is very confronting for most mums of children with special needs.

I also voiced my concerns that I had been told she was not eligible for funding and found this unacceptable and to push ahead and apply regardless and if I have no joy, I will simply appeal their decision.

After an hour and a half meeting, I gave them all the reports needed (with the correct wording as requested) and all that I need to do now is:

*Site Visit by OT on Friday
*Update her Health Action Plan and have it signned off by her GP
*Have another Vision Acuity Assessment by RIDBC (Next Friday) in the hope she might get a skerrick of vision support funding.
*Speech Assessment Letter showing she has expressive and receptive language disorder

They have signed off the paperwork for her physical disability and after my earlier speech about how I have been told she would get zero funding they did infact also include her Psych Report showing her mild intellectual disability with it's hoping!

Appointments have been made for 26th August - Funding Application Meeting and 18th November - Health Action Plan Meeting.

In other news:

I finished my Triple P Parenting course on Tuesday and now have a certificate to prove it! I have to admit I have learnt heaps which I am totally suprised about.

Violet's Epi-Assist arrived this afternoon and Dave has set it all up ready to use (which of course we hope not too soon!)

Violet's leg MRI under GA is on Wednesday, so I hope she can stay well from now until then with all the nasty bugs going around her preschool!


Alison said...

Wow - I can't believe enrolling in school is such a business!! Fingers crossed that they see sense and get Violet some funding.

I hope she stays well until next week - very tricky at this time of year!!

Carla said...

I am blown away by the amount of hoops you have to jump threw! I'm praying you get some funding.

Missy said...

I just think it is ridiculous what you have to do and that Violet doesnt qualify for funding...I hope and pray that like Alison said they do see sense and realise that this beautiful little girl requires some assistance.