Saturday, 19 June 2010

OT Site Visit

Yesterday we had the OT site visit at Violet's school. Appointment started at 12 and finished at 2.10pm. Did not anticipate it going that long, especially given that it is such a small school.

It's amazing how the DET and OT seem to overlook things that need changing until we point them out and then they realise! So glad Dave and I were both able to go and give them advice from Violet's parents point of view as people just don't get it when they don't live with someone like Violet 24/7.

There were alot of things that need to be altered to the school in preparation for Violet to attend in January. I am hoping of course they can fund alot of the things needed as most are essential in her not only being able to access buildings, school grounds but the safety aspect aswell.

I am not holding my breath as I am learning the hard way that alot of what Violet needs and should be entitiled to, she will most likely not get :(

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Alison said...

I hope you get all the modifications done without a fight. What a hassle. I can't believe YOU had to point out stuff to the OT & DET. That's a worry!