Saturday, 8 May 2010

Transition to School Meeting

On Friday I attended a Transition to School for children with Special Needs meeting at DADHC, now know as ADHC.

I was hoping by attending this information session, that I might have been clearer on what school setting would be most suitable for Violet. Sadly, this was not the was about as clear as mud. I did hear information from the Department of Education Schools, AIS (The Association of Independent Schools of NSW) and Catholic Education. So they covered all my options aside from home schooling. I have to admit I now know a little more about how each operate but still no idea on what the best choice is...I spose I may never know and will have to just hope it's the right one!

The Student service Consultant for the Department of Education did stress that it is good to have a multi layered plan...meaning not just 1 choice, in case that choice doesn't work out or you are not accepted by that school for whatever reason be it out of area, waitlists etc.

I did get to catch up with another mum who I knew from The Spastic Centre who was there sussing it all out for her son to start in 2012, which is much more organised than me. They really should make this information available earlier so we as parents can get our heads around it way in advance (if that is possible)

I also got to meet Rosalie and her daughter Deana from their blog Deana's Journey with Cerebral Palsy was so nice to finally meet them after chatting online for the past few years and put faces to their names.

So, on Monday I am calling our local school at the very least to have another look around as I haven't been back their since Emily had her orientation back in 2005 and she never ended up going after that! I spose I should see if they have changed at all. Will keep you posted how it goes...


April said...

good luck finding the right fit!

Alison said...

What a big decision.
I don't have a multi-layered plan!! I have one school in mind and I don't have a backup plan if she doesn't get accepted!!

Rosalie said...

It was so nice to finally meet in person and i have many of the same feelings.

It feels like we are in the dark with all this stuff and we have to find the answes on our own which really sucks!