Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Speech Appointment

As you may be aware from my recent Speech post Violet has a little stuttering issue.

In my research to find a speechie that could help us with this problem, I came across Lifestart who are offering 5 sessions of Speech Therapy for only $100 (that's only $20 per session!) So I decided I would ring them and start to access this service to see if they can help Violet.

She had her first appointment with the Speechie yesterday and of course in that hour only stuttered twice! Isn't it typical! Then she gets out of there and out come all the stutters!

I have been filling out a stutter scoring record of how much, severity and what she was talking about/who to etc. I will keep this up and we go back in 2 weeks for her next session.
She is using The Lidcombe Program where you make the child aware of their smooth and bumpy speech. So hoping after these few sessions to see some kind of improvement.

In other news:
We have lodged Violet's paperwork for her MRI of her legs, although the hospital rang me today to say that the Orthopaedic Surgeon forgot to get me to sign the GA consent, so today they faxed it to me to sign and send back, as you would imagine this all effects our wait time -thank you technology!

I have a school visit on Thursday. This is our local school and only has about 80 students. Will see what differences/changes have been since I last visited this school for Emily 5 years ago. If we decide this school is suitable for Violet, then Emily is keen to transfer this school to be with Violet. She is worried about her going to school as much as we are! Emilys has applied for an O.C Class at her current school, so she will have to make a serious decision when/if she is offered an O.C position.

We finally get Violet's Psych Assessment in our hand next Thursday! The wait has nearly killed me!


Laura said...

I hope the speech therapy is a good match for Violet and helps to eliminate the stuttering. Again, good luck with your quest to find a school for Violet. It is such of a decision to make.

May I ask, what is an O.C.?

Alison said...

Good luck with the school visit - I hope things have improved. I'd love my kids to go to a really small school.

Sarah said...

Laura, O.C means Opportunity Class, it's for children who are academically gifted and talented.

Belinda said...

Hope speech therapy goes well.

Good on you Emily! xx.

Samantha said...

Wow! $20 a session is awesome! I hope it helps. What a great big sister Emily is, Violet s lucky to have her looking out for her.

Lol at "O.C." when I was at school it was called "gifted and talented", I guess they changed the name to make it more pc ;).