Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Reports, Reports and more Reports!

Okay all Australian Mums of Special Needs children...please take notice!

After lodging all Violet's reports except her Psych Report, the Department of Education rang me last Friday to say Violet will not be eligible for Vision Support at School, as her Vision Report from Vision Australia says her near vision is 3/5 in her right eye even though her more distance vision is 6/30, so they suggested to get her vision reassessed which was done only in April at the Eye Clinic at Westmead. So I rang them and have asked for a report of that appointment to be sent out to me. Here's hoping she is eligible for some kind of vision assistance being as she is visually impaired with only 1 eye for vision!

Then today the Department of Education rang me again to inform me that even though Violet's Physcial Disability Clinic Reports state she has all her diagnosis' including right dystonic spastic hemiplegia, that saying right dystonic spastic hemiplegia isn't the same as Cerebral Palsy and that I now need to get more proof that she has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy! Talk about splitting hairs!

You can imagine my reaction on the phone now can't you? I said to the lady from the Department of Education that when I call the Physical Disability Clinic at Westmead and ask them to correct this they are going to laugh, as everyone knows Hemiplegia is a form of Cerebral Palsy!

Well, I did ring them and they did indeed have a laugh and said they couldn't change the letter I already had but would type up a new one stating Violet has been diagnosed with right dystonic spastic hemiplegia cerebral palsy!

So I would like to let all mums that are about to or to think about in advance what reports you may need in order for your child to apply for funding for school and to make sure the wording is in full! At least you might be able to avoid jumping through a few less hoops than I have had to so far!


Melissa and Luke Young said...

How ridiculous.... how petty is that over the wording. They certianly make you jump through hoops for kids with special needs... this should not happen... YOu are doing a wonderful Job Sarah... and I am finding your posts imformative... thanks!!!

Josephine said...

That is crazy!!!

Alison said...

How ridiculous.

I know from past experience that the right words have to be written in order to get things approved, that is why I leave most of the paperwork to Ashlea's therapists. They know the magic words.

Sarah said...

I wish I had known they are pedantic about it!
All of Violet's letter/reports whether from therapists, Neurosurgeons, Neurologists, Paeds, geneticists etc all have it down as Hemiplegia!

Ally {mtm} said...

What a joke.

Seriously, that is appalling.

Laura said...

That's just nuts but...I've had similar issues trying to get Cara on Social Security Disability Income over here in the states. So dumb how one or two little words makes all the difference. I guess we're just supposed to know how to play the game.

Korin and Bella said...

Good grief - talk about dotting your "I" and crossing your "T" ....its all about job security. Unbelievable!

Belinda said...

Can I swear?

Rosalie said...

FFS this is really getting ridiculous! It's almost like they are picking on this on purpose so they don't have to provide support.

I hope she will be able to get vision support. I swear this school stuff i a freaking uphill battle.