Thursday, 27 May 2010

Lost all faith

in the land of disability!

As you know today was the day I was finally getting Violet's Psych Report in my hand and also having it all explained to me by Violet's Psychologist.

This would be an indication of what funding Violet would be eligible for, for school next year.

These are her results:

Verbal IQ scored 7th percentile
Performance IQ scored 6th percentile
Processing Speed Quotient scored 2nd percentile

This made Violet's overall IQ 3rd percentile

At the end of Violet's report it says "The combined results of the assessment are consistent with and suggestive of a mild intellectual disability."

Don't get me wrong I am ever so thankful she is on the mild end of the scale, but how does someone who scores so lowly with IQ percentiles still only be mild?

You may be wondering why I am ranting away, but based on this mild result, Violet will not be eligible for ANY funding! My heart sank and I started to cry when the Psych told me this, I am devastated and have spent most the morning in tears.

This isn't even mentioning her physical issues she has and the help she will not be receiving for that next year either!

Why if my child has a mild intellectual disability can she not have access to funding that she needs and deserves, whether on the scale from mild to severe all kids with disabilities need funding!

Every step of the way in Violet's short life has been a fight! I am so very over it!

Just how does a child that scores significanty below average in IQ not get ANY funding for school! I am over this Country and it's crap lack of support for kids with disabilities! Home schooling it is then!


Alison said...

I CANNOT believe that! How ridiculous. I have heard that children with mild intellectual impairment don't qualify for much funding, but surely with everything put together Violet would be eligible for SOMETHING???

So sorry to hear you've had no support offered. Big hugs.

Rosalie said...

Oh Sarah, i am so sorry. I don't know how the hell this can be!

Can she not be elegible for at least one of thos IO classes in a mainstream school(the one with 8 children).

From what i remember hey are for mild intellectual disabilities.

I am hoping/praying there is another way for her to get the help she needs and deserves.

I am also having some issues with the bullshit of this system, but will vent about that on my blog.

Please know you are in m thoughts.

Samantha said...

Oh Sarah, I don't know what to say, I had tears in my eyes reading your post! I cannot believe Violet doesn't qualify for help :(. I wish I could hug you both, it just isn't fair! xox

Shannon said...

Oh Sarah - I can see why you are devastated. That is really, really shitty news. Much love to you. xx

Mazzmerise said...

Sarah I could never know what you are going through I am a carer for My daughter but a totally different reason but think it is sad to see a child Like Violet that needs the help miss out when I have a friend getting carers payment for a child with no issues only speach theropy which I know isnt elegible so she had someone on her side filling out the papers ARGH

your daughter is one that I see should get help where it is needed. I was looking at Home schooling for alex but she was craving other Kids plus she is doing well as its only an illness not a disability

{{Hugs}} to you and vent away its good for the soul ♥

Josephine said...

That is completely insane. I mean, how much lower do the scores need to be before you qualify for funding???? I don't understand this at all!!!! I'm sorry :(

Belinda said...

I'm so sorry Sarah!

And still swearing!!!!!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Wow Sarah. I have no real words. I just don't get it.

I really don't get it.

It just doesn't make any sense that Violet should be ineligible for the help that will allow her to have a good start to her education and the SAME - not special, not extra but the SAME opportunities - as other kids.

Yep. Doesn't make sense.

I wonder if people out there know that the system stinks that much?

Might be time they knew. If you want any help writing any letters that might somehow help overturn the decision, please let me know. I'd love to help if there's something I could do?

Hugs to you both

The Henrys said...

That is wrong. I am sorry that you have to go through this and fight yet another thing. I agree with you, that I am so tired of everything having to be a fight. Why is it so hard? That is a question that I have asked for many years now.

Jolene said...

I am so sorry to hear this news! Our system here in Canada sucks too when it comes to special needs children getting funding! It seems they only hand out money if your child is labeled autisitic, other than that there is nothing to help out any other diagnosis! Its just not fair!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Sarah, I really dont know what to say. It is totally disgusting that parents of disabled children or kids with aditional needs have to BEG for what they are entitled to, and that the parents should be made to jump through hoops.... and then this... after all the work, time, and effort on yours and Violet's behalf, they reject your request for funding.

In NSW do you have a parlimentary secretary for disability and childrens services.... ??? This would be a good place to voice your annoyance at the system.

Thinking of you... and sending big hugs

Laura said...

That's just so totally wrong Sarah, and I'm so sorry! I really don't understand the whole funding thing since it's so different over here but, since it seems that Violet's needs are even greater than Cara's, I just find it so hard to believe that they won't do anything for her. **hugs**

Hannon! said...

OH NO!! I am so sorry to hear this Sarah! Can you appeal the decision in anyway? Is there a loophole to get through?

I'm sorry, that is incredibly frustrating!