Monday, 3 May 2010

Dental Appointment

Today Violet had her dental review and all is looking good with her condition of her teeth! Of course she cried throughout the appoinment while they examined her teeth.

She will be reviewed again in 1 year unless anything concerns us before then.

While at the Kids Hospital she had her bloods taken for her med level, liver function etc checks.

On the way to the hospital she asked "why go hospital day mum?" I said to check your teeth are okay and make sure you aren't having too much/too little medicine.

Of course she knew this would mean a blood test. She then was quiet in the car for a bit and said "I bring bubby (her baby) she make me brave" so of course I agreed this would be fine. She again went quiet and was obviously still thinking about it all and then said "I want them do test in my bad arm" (hemi side) as every time they do her bloods they always take it from her good arm, as she calls it. So, we requested this to be done and she was still very upset and called out for Daddy (who clearly was at work) but overall she seemed a little happier (in her own mind) to have it taken from her bad arm.


Alison said...

She's getting so big and brave! They encourage the kidney kids (who have HEAPS of bloods) to have some control by choosing where to have blood taken from, where to sit etc. Helps them to cope. Violet has obviously worked this out for herself!

Ally {mtm} said...

Gosh she's brave! What a little trooper she is ♥

I love she chose which arm, our physio suggested things like that to give them some control like Al said.

How long til the blood work comes back?

Sarah said...

Hopefully some time next week I will know results.

Mazzmerise said...

she is so brave
Alex hates having bloods and when her port-a-cath is removed we will be doing the tests in her arm or Finger prick, Alex understands it all and still cries out for Daddy or Robby :( ♥
Alex has her Puppy from Cancer council (Elliot) who goes with her for these tests as she helps keep her brave ♥