Thursday, 20 May 2010

Another School Visit

Today, Dave and I had an appointment with the principal of our local school.

I went with a huge A4 size page of questions. I think he was a little worried when he asked what questions we might have and I got that out!

The school is small, only 73 students this year. He said they have alot of boys, 50 boys and 23 girls in the entire school! The most students they have in the Kindy class would be 20. There are alot of composite classes due to the lack of students. The school is very level. They are having new toilet block being built this year sometime and which will also have a disabled toilet.

The principal was lovely and very informative about the way the school runs. He said that there would be no problem Violet having a Personalised Learning Program.

One the key questions for any schools I look at for Violet is whether all the staff have First Aid Training - which for this school they ALL do!

The schools orientation is in Oct/Nov and Violet would be welcome to have extra orientation days on top of that.

The only bad point about this school for us it that the Kindy classroom has about 8 steps up to it, which Violet would not be able to navigate at all. So, we are going to go back with Violet's OT for a site visit soon and apply for some changes to be made.

Before the OT site visit, we have to have a pre-enrollment meeting with the principal, school counselor, Disability Itinerant Support lady and Dept Of Education Regional Area Manager to discuss Violet's additional needs and conditions in detail.

I rang the Disability Itinerant Support lady today and she said once we get the Psych report in our hand next week, we may have a few more options regarding support units too. So, still alot of decisions to be made!


Kristen said...

I found this to be very informative. Cayman will be starting pre-school in a year. I feel lost in what questions I should have for her school when we meet with them. It helps reading your thought processes.

Hannon! said...

Wow! Sounds like this school has a lot of great things. Hopefully the decisions will come soon after the Psych report comes in and the OT tours the school!

Alison said...

Sounds like this school could be good!! I hope the OT visit goes well and she can come up with some stair solutions.

Belinda said...

Sounds great! Hope this turns into a definate!

Rosalie said...

Sounds very positive, i hope it all works out well.

Mazzmerise said...

sounds like you have a good school with all the needs required
hope they can fix the little issue so that Voilet is comfortable getting in and out off class,

good luck with it all