Wednesday, 21 April 2010


As I mentioned earlier last week, Violet had her last 2 Psych Assessments, making 5 in total. On Monday, her Psych rang to let me know some of the overall assessment scores which are all given in percentiles.

She used Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence, here are Violet's results:

The Assessment has 3 main scales.
1. Verbal Comprehension - Violet scored well below average 7th percentile
2. Performance - Problem Solving etc - Violet scored well below average 6th percentile
3. Processing Speed - Violet scored well below average 2nd percentile
Her overall IQ scored at 3rd percentile
I will find out more what this all means once we meet with her Psych in about 1 month to discuss in detail her report when she has finished writing it. I decided to look up just what these percentiles mean in relation to the Wechsler Preschool & Primary Scale of Intelligence and found this site
So looks like Violet will definately get some funding based on her results.

In other news:
Today we picked up Violet's new AFO and it's great. Fits much better than her last one and we go back in a few months for her casting of her UCBL for her left foot.


Josephine said...

Well, it's good that she'll be able to get the funding! And I still think her braces are so much cuter than Avery's clunky white ones :)

Samantha said...

It sounds like the assessment was pretty full on. I hope the results are helpful and Violet can get the funding she needs. LOVE the new AFO, it is a cute print, so grown up though!

Alison said...

At least the assessment is over now - and hopefully it will get you what you need. It does make me wonder if a child as functional as Violet only scored on the 3rd centile...where would Ashlea be??? Crikey!

Good luck with the school search!

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Fingers crossed for the funding... I hope its a good outcome for you...

P.s Funky AFO's, LOVE the print


Ally {mtm} said...

How are you feeling with those results Sarah? I'm glad it means that Violet will get the funding she needs.

The AFO looks awesome! Is that a wedge under the heel?

Sarah said...

Sort of mixed feelingss about the results. Kind of need her to not do well so she gets the funding she is needing, so a weird feeling to then get results like that. Although, I did always think Violet would struggle with the assessment as she has trouble grasping some very basic things, which the psych knew from my interview with her pre-assessment.

Sarah said...

Oh sorry Ally, yeah it is a wedge