Thursday, 8 April 2010

Shock...a political post!

I don't normally blog or even talk much about politics, but just had to about this:

I was quite surprised when driving in the car today to hear on the radio that the Federal Opposition Leader has sold his Speedo's for $3,400 on Ebay for The Spastic Centre to raise awareness about Cerebral Palsy.

I know it's not a nice thing to think about, purchase or even talk about someones Budgie Smuggler's as they are called here in Australia. But being as it's for such a great cause, I just had to!

Now if only we could get the Politician's to do something about our lack of Disability Support in Australia!


Carla said...

wow! thats quite a bit of money for speedos but for a GREAT cause:)
I also got a great (much needed)laugh at "budgie smugglers". Here we call them banana hammocks :P

n0thingbuteverything said...

Wow! I hadn't read about this.

He's gone up (ever so slightly) in my estimation after reading this.

I can't help but wondering though what the winner would do with them once they were won.

Wear them? Frame them? Wash them several times? :-).

Whatever, it's a great cause and great to see such a high profile politician do something to raise money and awareness for CP! Now, if we could just get pollies to grant us equal access to funding that is currently being granted to kids on the Autism spectrum....