Monday, 12 April 2010

Orthopaedic Surgeon Appointment

Today we were up bright and early at 5.30am to get organised for my MRI at 7am followed by Violet's Orthopaedic Surgeon Appointment at 9.10am who we didn't end up getting in with until 11.45am!

Once in there, the surgeon was lovely and explained everything thoroughly. Violet's Physio from the Kids Hospital also attended the appointment.

He was very surprised how tight she was for a Hemiplegic.

Surgeon agreed not to continue Botox or Serial Cast Violet's Leg/Foot anymore, as it is just not working for her.

He is adamant she will have surgery in the next year to help correct her foot but also added that even with surgery, she will never have full control over her foot.

He has ordered an MRI under General Anesthetic of both her legs to look at how much muscle she has in her leg to know exactly how he is going to tackle her. He will then further discuss with us what will be involved for her.

He also wants her to have another Hip X-ray to check on her hips as they haven't been checked since 2008 and her hips are clicking lately and she complains they are sore.

He wants Violet to also get fitted for a UCBL foot orthosis for her left foot as she is still in-toeing on that side aswell.

Violet is due to get fitted for her new AFO on the 21st April, so she will be casted for her UCBL orthosis then.

We then have another appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon after her MRI.


Mazzmerise said...

wow you have had a busy day gotta love hospitals :S

Hope it all helps Violet be more mobile and comfortable ♥

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Busy Busy Busy... I hope amongst this busines you find time for yourself to enjoy a quiet tea or a good STRONG coffee...

Its also not nice when Dr's keep you waiting.. But good to hear that you are happy with all violets specialists.

Hope you are well x

Ally {mtm} said...

Well that's good news about no more Botox or casting, I'm so sorry it's come t surgery while she's still so young, but anything that will help her, right?

She's such a brave girl, I'm so proud of her ♥

When's the MRI?

Sarah said...

Have to call Hospital tomorrow as MRI Bookings were closed today for outpatients. I would think a bit of a wait as it is under a general.

Alison said...

I'm glad the surgeon was lovely and explained things well. Hopefully the surgery will make a huge difference for her.

Off to read about your MRI now!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Wow. A busy day. 5.30am starts are never fun.

Sorry to hear about the likelihood of surgery, but at least you are getting a few answers and are on the path to a few more. Glad the surgeoon was lovely and it's nice to read the physio came along. Good luck with her MRI. Now like Alison I am off to read about yours. Hope you're able to sleep in tomorrow xo

April said...

WOW! Never a dull moment! Hope all goes well!