Friday, 16 April 2010

Opthamologist Appointment

Today Violet had her Opthamologist review.

She first met with the Orthoptist to asses her vision in her right eye.

The past month she has been in agony with her Microphthalmic eye to point she also wakes in the night and she is screaming in pain. So I have been giving her a break from her Scleral Shell which even though she doesn't wear this during the night, thought she might just need the break. It is very unsual for Violet not to be able to tolerate it as she has been wearing since she was 4 months old.

Her Opthamologist checked the pressure in both her eyes today which was not at all a pleasant experience but pressure was normal.

She had the lovely eye drops to dilate and check her eyes thoroughly and she of course had me holding her down with all my strength while she tried to fight me and screamed the place down.

Once again another not so proud moment of feeling "why am I having to do this, I am so very sick of putting you through procedures and not being able to reason with you as to why I am doing this and the fact that it is to hopefully help your management!"

After the drops took effect, she was assessed and given the all clear for not needing glasses for now. They are obviously keen to monitor the need for them though as she gets older.

As for her Micro eye they would like me to try lubricating eye drops 4 x per day and see how that goes, she will be reviewed in 3 months and if no improvement she will need to start on some Steroid eye drops and hope that helps.

Failing that they said as blind eyes can cause huge amounts of pain as the years go on, if the drops don't work and she is still suffering, they will look at removing her Micro eye, which is something I would like to AVOID as her Ocularist has always said to me to try and keep it as long as she can. So, here's hoping 1 of these 2 eye drops work.

While we were at the Kids Hospital, I put in her paperwork for her Leg MRI, which they will call about with a date. She also had her hip and leg x-rays while we were there.


Melissa and Luke Young said...

Ooooh Sarah, I know the feeling you are talking about.. There is nothing worse when you are getting another test, blood test, surgery, etc and they just look at you... with those eyes... Its hard, but Everything you are doing is in her best interest... Your doing a great job!!!

I am really hoping the eye drops work and decrease Violet's pain and that you dont have to resort to removing her micro eye. Thinking of you.. Xx

Alison said...

Sounds like a busy day. Ashlea always screams the place down at eye clinic too - and I have to hold her down. Its horrible isn't it? I hope the eye drops work for her - the last thing she needs is another surgery.

Mazzmerise said...

i hate trying to reason with a 5 yr old for what needs to be done but it hurts me to see her scream {{Hugs}} to you and Violet ♥

I really hope the Drops work for you too will be thinking positive thoughts for you all

Anonymous said...

Hope that the drugs work for Violet to decrease the pain and so that her micro eye doesnt have to be removed.

I think I know now why Em always asks for her Daddy when she is hurt or crying or when we are doing all of the procedures..its because Im always the one holding her down and in her eyes she probably thinks its me inflicting all of the pain:(

Belinda said...

Here's hoping the eye drops work for sure! xx.

Josephine said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry :( Poor Violet. I hope that the drops help the pain go away.

April said...

Oh I am so sorry she has been hurting :( hope the eye drops help her feel better! You are doing wonderful things with her!

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