Wednesday, 7 April 2010

ENT Appointment

As posted back in my February update Violet has Eustachian tube dysfunction which is causing her hearing to be impaired, it is pressure in the middle ear.

Today she was reviewed by her ENT. He would like to monitor her a bit longer to see how she goes before intervening surgically, be it grommets and/or removal of her adenoids too. As he explained sometimes removal of the adenoids can help this problem as the adenoids are so enlarged they cause the Eustachian tube to not be able to function like it should.

Only trouble is that as we are unsure whether Violet also has a sub-mucosal cleft as her Speech Therapist has suspected for a while now and he is hesitant to take the adenoids out if she does have a cleft problem as it can make her speech issues worse. So he would much rather wait and see how she goes over the coming months with both her ear infections, middle ear pressure and her speech.

He is very much a Procrastinator, but I would prefer him be like that than put her through surgery without thinking of the consequences for her.


Alison said...

I like doctors that aren't knife happy too!

Were you at the hospital today??? We were there today too - seeing the paediatrician. We really have to co-ordinate our appointments one day!

Belinda said...

Best for him to be that way for sure!

Jolene said...

Having tubes put in the ears is a simple procedure and I'd recommend it, but having the adnoids taken out is a whole nother story!

n0thingbuteverything said...

HHmmm, what a tricky one! I hope the next few months show only positives xo