Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Support Unit School Visit

Today Dave and I had appointment with the principal of a primary school that also has a physical support unit.

They were very informative and we had the opportunity to visit the students in the support unit who of course were all such lovely children.

After seeing how their support unit worked we headed outside to see the school grounds. We had lots of questions and concerns one which was the fact that the school was very big and spread out and had alot of mainstream students for Violet to navigate herself around. The principal explained that they could not guarantee her being safe in the playground area as they just don't have the facilities to watch each child in the support unit like that, which is our highest concern and of course how she will cope with school cognitively.

This school was nice enough, but was in a little bit of a rougher area which makes me nervous.

We are still not sure if a support unit setting is right for Violet so we will look at a few more to be sure.

What makes things harder is that we will be moving very soon....when I say soon I mean when we find another job in the coming weeks, months as our time up here is getting close and we want it sorted now before Violet starts school, so her funding etc can be sorted. So that throws another curve ball at us as we can't decide on a school for Violet yet if we are unsure where we will be living!


Alison said...

Oooh - move closer to me! If you decide on a school with a support unit our school has a great one that I hope Ashlea will attend starting 2011.

April said...

Good luck in your decisions!

n0thingbuteverything said...

Sarah, I so know that feeling. Moving made our school choice so much harder. I also will admit that the make up of the other students is very important to me. I spent a lot of time looking in classrooms when I did my school visits to work out how 'rough' the school might be (we live on the 'fringe' of a rough area). And safety in the playground is one thing that gives me sleepless nights too, although I keep being told my schools and parents alike that I shouldn't underestimate how gentle primary school students can be - hhhmmm. I can see me sitting in my car with some binoculars for the first month or so just keeping an eye on S to be sure ;-).
Good luck with the job/school hunting!!


Mazzmerise said...

hope you find something that suits and to your liking, we went with a small private school so alex didnt get lost in the crowd but we do not need the special class's

Must be so hard to think where to send them, was hard enough for me ♥

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Move to Vic!!!

Reading both your and Di's comments has given me food for thought too.
I had not really even thought about safety as such- more the other kids being safe from the speed machine! lol
Having a bit of a rougher student body as such is not necessarily a negative thing I have found .
Good luck and love the pic of Violet xo

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Decisions, decisions.... I am not looking forward to choosing what TYPE of school that Ellie goes too... I hope that your job hunting for the right school gets a bit easier and you find the right one for Violet

Belinda said...

Hope the decision comes easy! It's such a big call, but I'm sure you guys will make the right choice!