Friday, 12 March 2010

Speech Appointment

Today Violet had her speech appointment at The Spastic Centre.

In the last 6 months Violet has started stuttering and unfortunately as they tell me stuttering is not a CP related issue The Spastic Centre can not help her, so her speechie has given us some information and also scoring record so we can document how much, severity and what she was talking about/who to etc, so when we see another speechie and they ask us to do this at least this way we will be a step ahead.

She has also given us some contact details for speechies that specialise with Stuttering, which are mostly private practices. So looks like we may use Enhanced Primary Care Plan for some of the appointments, haven't used that since early days of private Physio's.


Alison said...

Sorry to hear about the stuttering. We also use Ashlea's health care plan to access private speech therapy. We have a FANTASTIC speech therapist - but she is all the way over in Burwood. Let me know if you want her details.

Laura said...

Things are so different over there and frustrating to me. With Cara, it doesn't matter what the origin of her speech delay is, it is included in her education plan and is addressed through a speech therapist, for free, through the school. I'm so glad that we don't have to go searching for funding or be turned away...that has to be so hard on you. Good luck with finding someone to help!

Belinda said...

Hope you find someone you are happy with and that they are helpful! xx.