Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mad as Hell

We’re Mad as Hell that Australia has a Third World disability support system.

Millions of us are affected. It's time to make our votes count. It's time to take the Pledge.

Disability Support in Australia is a National Disgrace.

Australian citizens please take the time to visit this site Australian's Mad as Hellto take the pledge.

The Pledge says that you will only vote for a political party that promises to introduce a national disability insurance scheme (NDIS) and allow people with disabilities and their families to decide how to use the money to support their needs.


Mazzmerise said...

{{hugs]] Sarah I signed

Laura said...

It just strikes me as sad when I hear about all of your struggles to get support services for Violet. Even though the US health care system is a mess, I guess I'd better be thankful for our equal opportunity based public education system and the fact that they HAVE to accommodate Cara.

I hope that this petition does help to bring about change for you all.