Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Half Way with Psych Assesment

On Monday Violet had part 3 of her Psych Assessment and again I had to take her in crying and calling for me as I left her in the room.

Later on Monday I rang the Psychologist to ask how it was all progressing and she didn't want to elaborate too much on Violet's results so far as she said she really needs to finish it all to be able to give me the results. She did say Violet definitely has an Expressive and Receptive Language problem.

She said Violet would be finished on the 19th April which is her last assessment day making it 6 Assessment sessions all up.

In other news this week:

Today Violet was casted again for her next lot of serial casting and goes back to be re-casted again on 8th April. Physio at the Kids Hospital said today that we are not even able to manage Violet's CP at the moment as Botox and casting just isn't doing either enough or anything, so she will be contacting the Orthopaedic Surgeon before our appointment on the 12th April to let him know where Violet is at.


Alison said...

At least its half over - I can't believe what a long process it is.

I'll be thinking of you for the 12th - I hope they find a better solution. One that actually works. Is violet in less pain since the botox or has it had no effect whatsoever?

Sarah said...

Thanks Alison, botox helped with the pain initially but only for about 2 weeks and she is walking even more on the side of her foot now and once again complaining about it being painful in her foot and leg.

Oh and if you have a choice for any assessments like this for Ashlea, I would personally suggest PECAT over The Spastic Centre.