Monday, 8 February 2010

Neurologist Appointment

Today we had follow-up with Violet's Neurologist from her admission in January.

Was a long wait as he is always running late (such a busy man). I would have to say he is her worst specialist for running late. Our appointment was for 4.30pm and we didn't get in to see him until 6.00pm.

We discussed Violet's recent episodes of seizures in more detail. He still thinks they are Complex Partial Seizures arsing from her Occipital Lobe, but she also has secondary generalised seizures causing clonic movements.

He was happy to hear her Epilim med was working fine with no obvious disruptions besides being a little more tired being on 2 meds at once. He has decided to increase her Epilim dose and wants the meds level check for the end of February now.

He would also like us to administer the Midazolam as soon as she has her seizures. Previously he preferred to wait until they had reached over 5 minutes (which she does without fail unfortunately!) and then administer. He feels her clusters of seizures are too much harder to control the longer they go on, so wants to be quick to respond.

All being in 1 year.


Kristen said...

Uh seizures suck bad! And 5 minutes is a very long time when they are occurring. I hope this new medication approach will be exactly what she needs to control them.

Melissa and Luke Young said...

Hi Sarah, Seizues are the worst aren't they... I hope the increase in Violets meds help. We are in the midst of finding the right med and dose at the moment... hasnt been easy but I feel like we are almost there with it. Heres hoping violets seizures slow down for a bit.

Take care, Mel

Mazzmerise said...

I hope all goes well and you can enjoy the next year with out to many issues, I understand that its never an easy road with any issue with kiddies & I am in a different situation than you.

Violet is looking good in the photo too Such a cutie ♥

Alison said...

I hope all goes well and you don't have to go back for a year. Who does she see?

I find eye clinic the worst for waiting.

Sarah said...

Dr Webster

Yeah the eye clinic would be next on the list for waiting for sure!