Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Neurosurgeon Appointment

Today was Violet's Neurosurgical review.

He was not happy to hear about her admission for more seizures on the weekend and the fact they were alot harder to control with the anti seziure meds administered. He said she really shouldn't have been breathing at all with how low her saturation levels went, luckily they gave her the oxygen in time.

I mentioned about her headaches every morning since September and he said to keep a record of them and if they increase with more intensity, we may have to investigate it further with some more tests.

We had the chance to have a look at her CT Scan from the weekend. Her left ventricle is still severely enlarged. From the scan he is reasonably confident her shunt is functioning okay as her right ventricle is now normal size again. He did mention he has been wrong before and sometimes it can be a partial blockage. He said her left side will always be severely enlarged not only due to the large amount of fluid but also because her brain matter on that side is minimal and has not been formed properly in utero.

All being well she will be reviewed in 1 year.

We then had to go to Neurology Department to pick up Violet's new script for her Epilim. She will be starting it today, so here's hoping it helps more than the Tegretol has.

She will be on Tegretol and Epilim. In mid February she will have her med level checks and liver function and if there is sufficient amount of Epilim in her system, we can then start weaning her off the Tegretol.


Mazzmerise said...

hope it all works out with the new meds, and hope the shunt is stilll working good plus the headaches calm donw for her ♥
Thinking of you all

Josephine said...

Good luck with the new medication. SOrry to hear about the headaches though - I hope they can figure out what's causing that.

Belinda said...

Hoping it all works out! xx.