Thursday, 28 January 2010

First day of Preschool!

Today is the day I have been dreading for years!

Violet had lots of trouble going to sleep last night and staying asleep, she kept waking and telling me she didn't want to go to Preschool. Finally I got her to stay asleep and by that time it was 10pm, she is normally asleep at 6.30pm no problems.

After having such a restless night I wondered what today might bring and what her attitude might be towards going to Preschool.

Suprisingly she was keen enough to go. She would not let me take any photos of her so had to sneak some later at Preschool.

First, we dropped Emily off to start Year 4 and then went to her Preschool. She was very quiet and reserved as I guess most children can be on their first day of school. I stayed with her for an hour and she was happy enough for me to leave, so I thought I should go while she was happy.

I felt extremely lost without her all day, but also nice to have some time to myself for once.

When picking her up, she wasn't even fussed to see me! This was not the kind of response I thought I would get, I wanted her to cuddle me and be happy to see me!

When we were walking back to the car she said "Preschool is boring!" But when I asked if she wanted to go back she said "Yes".

Her aide was excellent with her, Violet even kissed her goodbye as we left today. Have to admit I was suprised how well she coped, especially as she has never been looked after by anyone other than Dave and far, so good!

Needless to say after today she was fast asleep as per usual at 6.30pm.

Next on the to do list is...enrol her in big school! Yikes!


Belinda said...

So happy today went well!

Bet you all will sleep better tonight! xx.

Laura said...

How wonderful to hear that Violet (and hopefully you & Dave as well) adjusted easily to Preschool and the new routine. :o)

Korin said...

So happy she did so incredibly well today!!! Aww..I love to hear that!

Josephine said...

I'm so glad she seemed to like it so much, even though she wasn't looking forward to it the night before! Hooray for good schools :)

Alison said...

Sarah - I'm so glad to hear the first day of preschool went well (for both of you).

Do not even MENTION big school to me...

April said...

What a big day! Congratulations!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Sarah, so happy that Violet showed you she is so ready for Preschool and enjoyed it and what a typical comment from a kid "boring!" lol
Try and enjoy this first term before you have to tackle school! :)
Bron xoxoxo

Mazzmerise said...

so happy she had a good 1st day, alex told me to go when she started hehe Robyn just went off to play and they are always happy to see me in the arvo ♥

hehe I am not looking forward to enrolling Miss R in the future for school though they grow up to fast ((hugs))

Rosalie said...

Aw look at her. Deana did the same thing, didn't care when we left or picked her up lol.