Friday, 22 January 2010

6 more sleeps!

Today there is only 6 more sleeps until Violet starts Preschool!

We have another meeting with all the staff on the 27th Jan to educate them as much as possible about Violet and her additional needs and conditions.

I am still as petrified of her going to preschool as I always have been...just really hope I am making the right decision. I will not know how to spend "me" time as I know I will be spending most the day worrying about her.


Korin said...

Sarah, I feel for you! I know my situation with Isabella is by far nothing to be compared to Violet but we are too already stressing about preschool this coming September. We have so many issues with her prosthetic and I am mortified to send her to school wearing it YET if I send her not wearing her shell - i'm wondering if the 3 year olds will notice something different and try to poke her in the eye out of curiosity. Any thoughts??
We will be traveling back to Boston, Mass soon. Believe it or not we could not find anybody to help us here in New York that could make her issues lessen any with her reactions to her prosthetic. We were instructed to take her to Boston, Mass here in the states. We have been traveling quite a bit over there. It's tough but we power through anything for our children.
You are strong and this too will give Violet maybe a sense of independence. I know you will be a worried mess. Let us know how her first day goes. XOXO

Sarah said...

Thanks Korin!

It's hard isn't it.

Violet had her shell in one of the days I had to go in to do paperwork and even with her looking as normal as she could, a girl came up and said "whats wrong with your face".

When she had her shell out one day at a hospital fundraiser here, a girl walked past with a balloon and tried to poke her in her good eye with the balloon stick, which I luckily grabbed in time.

I am also worried about Violet's shell turning around during the day as I will have to be called in to fix it.

+ all her other conditions!

It's going to be a big long hard road but I guess all we can do is keep educating the staff and then in turn they can hopefully help the other kids to understand in their own kind of way.

Alison said...

It's 7 more sleeps for us! I think we are pretty much prepared. I am assuming I will have to stay pretty much the entire first day as I need to show them how to feed her and also how to handle her in the different situations throughout the day.

I am actually not too worried - I think because I am already familiar with the set up and the staff (other kids go / went there). I am excited for Ashlea and I really hope it is a great experience for her. I'm sure she'll give them some challenges in the beginning as she adjusts - but I hope overall it is a great experience.

My big stress at the moment is that in 12 days Emma starts big school. I am so not ready for that one!

Ally said...

I hope it all goes well for both you and Violet, Sarah.


Belinda said...

Will be thinking of you for sure! xx.

It will be hard, but you are so strong! xx.

Laura said...

You are making the right decision for Violet. She will grow by leaps & bounds in preschool in so many ways! I know that Cara has. Her teachers & therapists have been really great in following her IEP and trying new methods to help her. I have no doubt that Violet's school will be the same way. It is stressful, making that leap, but it's the best thing for her, I just know it! The most important thing that we have to do, as parents, is to stay on top of things, which can get tiring sometimes, but our kiddos are worth it. Best of luck to you both...changes are coming!

Mazzmerise said...

Thinking of you I am scared with my Daughter starting prep & we dont have the issues with her illness now. but its always such a big step {{hugs}} & hope she enjoys her time there too ♥

Sarah said...

Alison, Yeah I expect to stay a few hours at the least to make sure she settles in.

April said...

What a big step! Best of luck!!