Sunday, 17 January 2010

4 Year Shunt Anniversary & Admission to Hospital

Yesterday was Violet's 4 Year Shunt Anniversary!

As mentioned in last years post about her shunt anniversary this is a day we normally celebrate, as it is another year that has passed without the need of a shunt revision.

This year though, did not go the way we anticipated it would...

Yesterday started as any other morning at first...and then Violet started vomiting and of course this in turn means she will have seizures following, which she did.

Her eyes again deviating to the right, shaking all limbs and her head and vomiting inbetween. After having 4 seizures in an hour lasting over 5 minutes each one and not coming out of them and not being conscious, I decided to administer Midazolam and this stopped her seizures for half an hour.

We knew we would have to take her to Westmead to make sure it wasn't a shunt malfunction. How ironic to be taking her there on the same day 4 years ago to the day that she had her shunt put in.

She started vomiting in the car on the way and again once we arrived in Triage. We were rushed through as they always do for Violet. We were seen immediately by a Doctor and as soon as he came, she started with more vomiting and seizures. He ordered CT Scan straight away, she was canulated and bloods taken. Her saturation levels were very low so she was put on Oxygen for a few hours.

As she was still having so many seizures, they administered more Midazolam and she still continued having multiple seizures.

We were visited by ICU Doctors and they informed us that if they couldn't control her seizures in resuss, she would be taken to ICU to be given general anesthetic and intubated to help open her airways and hopefully manage her seizures. This was something that I hoped we didn't have to resort to.

They decided to give her Dilantin and she remained seizure free for half an hour. We were then booked into commercial travellers ward and once we arrived there she had more seizures. After those, she finally went to sleep. She was put on IV Fluids.

CT Scan came back as stable! Which I was very happy about to say the least!

As normal, after her seizures have stopped she slept all afternoon and well into the night and woke up much more herself later in the evening. She slept well through out the night.

This morning Neurologist came on his rounds and wants to change her seizure med to Epilim, as he feels Tegretol just isn't controlling her seizures.

Have Neurosurgical review on Tuesday, so will get to see CT scan then and discuss further about Violet's constant headaches since September.

Thought 2010 may have been a better year for us but seems not with an admission only 16 days into the year.


Alison said...

Oh Sarah - so sorry to hear Violet spent the anniversary in hospital. Are you still there? Let me know if you need anything as I am only 10 minutes away.

Is the vomiting a sign that the seizures are starting or is it that she has a vomiting bug and that then brings on the seizures? So glad they stopped.

Sarah said...

Thanks Alison, discharged today as she was stable still this morning with seizures under control.

She always has vomiting before her seizures, wish it was virus related but sadly thats just how her seizures start...accompanied by vomiting.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Sarah, thinking of you and Violet and sending you many many hugs. Please if I can do anything don;t hesitate to call.
BRon xoxox

Belinda said...

Oh Sarah! What an anniversary!

Thinking of you as always!

Hope all is well. xxxx.

Mazzmerise said...

Oh Sarah, hope she is feeling better.
hope the CT results come back good too. sending lots of luv to you all and strength to your special little lady Viotet♥

Carla said...

Oh no! How scary for you both. prayers that the new med works to control her seizures & that they can control her headaches.

Laura said...

Oh gosh Sarah! I'm so sorry to hear about Violet's latest bout of seizures and hospital admission. Not the kind of thing that you want to remember with an anniversary. Glad that she is doing better now and the seizures are under control. Hope the new meds do the trick for her.
Hang in there!

Korin said...

Oh my goodness Sarah! I am so so sorry you are starting off the new year like this and on the anniversary! I hope she feels better and the new meds work better.
Love Always
Korin and Isabella

Ally said...

Oh Sarah. Poor little Violet, and poor you.

I hope this is the only hospitalisation for 2010 for your beautiful family.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

Josephine said...

I only just read this - I am so sorry to hear that you had to go through this! How scary!

April said...

Oh I'm sorry about anniversary in the hospital! Caleb's had his shunt for 4 years as well! Hope things are getting better!