Thursday, 3 December 2009

Orthotist and Ocularist Appointments

On Monday at casting, Violet's Physio wasn't happy with her new AFO and wanted her to have a review today. The Orthotist agreed it wasn't adequate and re-casted for another AFO. We are picking it up next Thursday. She actually chose a rainbow kind of design today, no more groovy chicks!

Orthotist and Physio also said Violet's Botox should be peaking at the moment (as I well know) but hasn't done enough. She is still sooo tight! They are a bit worried that Violet may have built up a bit of a resistance to it as she has had 4 treatments now and this can happen depending on each individual child as how they do/don't react. They told me that Violet would definitely need a lengthening surgery when she is about 6 years old. Although, in the past they have mentioned this may have been a possibility, seems now it is definite.

After that appointment, we drove into Parramatta for her Ocularist appointment. He is quite happy with the growth of her eye socket and said no rebuild to the scleral shell this time, he will review her again in February to most likely add more to the shell then.


Alison said...

Bummer that the botox hasn't had as much of an effect this time - I didn't even know it was possible to become tolerant to it. Sorry to hear about the likelihood of surgery.

Sorry I couldn't chat more at the hospital today - we were running late for hydro after running into too many familiar faces. I couldn't catch up after either as we had to rush off to speech therapy in Burwood - all before rushing back to get Emma from preschool.

Sarah said...

Alison, No worries at all, as we ended up running a bit late for our next appt. At least I got to see you again, even if only for a minute!

Andrea Junelle B said...

If you'd have the time I'd LOVE to hear more about Violet's Botox treatments in her legs.. where EXACTALLY does she get the Botox injections at?? Because Rowan's PT was talking about possibly in the future if Rowan's hamstrings don't loosen up that she'll most likely end up with Botox shots in her hamstrings to HOPEFULLY loosen them up.. Does Violet have problems with her Hamstrings as well? Or is it a different part of the leg? And is she diagnosed with CerebralPalsy because of the tightness? Or no?
~~SO sorry for being nosey! Just reading along your blog & finding MANY simalarities between MY daughter and YOUR daughter..
Let me knw if ya can! My email is feel free to email me. OK, now I'm going to get back to reading more previous posts!! :)
AJ & Family