Monday, 16 November 2009

Serial Casting Time Again & Orthotist Appointment

Today Violet had her next installment of Botox. She will be wearing this cast for the week and we go back on Monday for another one to be put on.

I think casting in 40 degree heat should be made illegal though, feel awful making her wear it in this heat...but it has to be done!

After the casting appointment, we had her Orthotic Appointment to pick up her new static AFO. It fits so much better and with the added straps keeps her foot in a much better position.

Felt a little weird only picking 1 AFO up, but don't get me wrong so pleased it's now only 1 needed!


Alison said...

Its meant to be this hot all week - poor thing she can't even get wet in the clam shell. I hope you guys have may need to stay inside all week.

Lesly said...

How nice that they try to make the cast pretty! ... or did you do that? I hope that she manages it in the heat. Fingers crossed. x

Sarah said...

Lesly, They have all kinds of cool designs for kids actually. Bit of motivation for them to wear them I guess.

Josephine said...

So much prettier than Avery's AFOs! I'll have to not show this to Avery or she might start refusing to wear her clunky white ones....! :)