Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Last Group

Today Violet had her last official group therapy session at The Spastic Centre, besides next weeks combined Xmas party.

As Violet's Preschool days fall on the same day as her therapy group, she will unfortunately miss out for 2010. She will still have access to her Physio, OT and Speech Therapists there though.

Today there were only 2 children in the group including Violet, the morning was going well until the Physio decided to get out the Physio Balls for the children to lean over. I was putting a chair away Violet had been using and assumed that the physio that was with Violet would help hold her on as she was right next to her showing her the ball and what they had to do. You would think she of all people would realise Violet is unable to do this task on her own, not only because she is little but shehas CP, is visually impaired and therefore has balance issues not to mention she has a shunt.

Well I turn around to come back to Violet and as I did, the Physio had let Violet do it on her own and of course the inevitable happened she fell straight off onto the hard lino covered concrete floor onto the side of her head...her shunt side of her head!

She of course follows with an almighty scream and I picked her up off the floor as the Physio casually said sorry and continued with the activity. Meanwhile Violet is still screaming while I am holding her trying to calm her down.

Physio then said is she okay? I said I don't know...she fell on her head for a start and she has her shunt on that side!

I checked her shunt to make sure the valve was still seemed to feel okay, so luckily she must have fell on her shunt side but not right on her valve!

I didn't say much to the Physio as she clearly just doesn't get it! I just told her I would not be telling Dave as he would be very angry about it.

I was so annoyed that she had let this happen! I was angry at myself for putting trust in someone else that I thought would do what was right for Violet which could have had huge consequences, I mean it's not good for any child to hit their head like this, but even more so for someone like Violet!

It now makes me feel more anxious than I aready was about her going to Preschool if her therapists that should know her so well get it wrong!


Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh Sarah, I am so sorry the physio did not think enough to keep Violet safe. We had a similar physio for hydro that kept dunking the kids heads under by accident as she had so idea how to even hold a hold let alone one with CP! I would talk to the manager and share your concerns about perhaps the staff having some manual handling type info? Bron

Alison said...

Oh Sarah - how awful. I hope Violet is feeling OK. I actually think preschool will be better because they will all be on their toes - whereas the physio may have been a bit too sure of herself (if that makes sense). Sorry her last day was ruined. I hope she has fun at the party next week.

lesly said...

My goodness Sarah .. that is sooooo upsetting for you. Hope that Violet is none the worse. But, you know, no-one can look after your kid(s) like you do yourself ... that is unfortunately a fact of life. The road ahead will be full of failures, bit and small, by others on your childs behalf. It sounds terrible when I see it said in black and white but as mothers we have to face this from the moment they are born.

Of course it is especially difficult for you because of Violet's fragility, but what I am trying to say is that this 'sharing' out of care for our precious bundles is always a road full of pitfalls.

I also think you should make your feelings with regard to the incident known to the people concerned, and then perhaps make a little plan as to how you are going to prevent something similar happening in the future (maybe with something like a printed card setting out your priorities, e.g. "5 important things you need to know about Violet") so that you can feel more in control of her safety when you are not there.

Does all this sound like tosh ... I hope not, dear Sarah. Hugs to you and Violet xxx

Belinda said...

Oh no Sarah, I hope Violet is feeling ok! Must've been awful! Big hugs to you both. xx.

Dianne said...

Not good enough :-(.

I really am relieved that she seems to be OK, but a physio should definitely know much better AND at the very least be mortified and take some responsibility for what happened! Her flippant reaction suggests she needs some serious professional development. I'd consider writing a letter or speaking to the manager.

I actually agree with Alison though that the kinder may well be better. We've had an incident free year for S and they've been very on the ball about making sure he's safe at all times.

Hugs to you!!! Not what either of you need on the last day of group ;-(.

Josephine said...

Well, you certainly shouldn't be angry with yourself for trusting the pt, because you SHOULD be able to trust her! What was she thinking?? We had a pt like that in the hospital when Avery was first getting out of bed - the pt let go of her and wasn't paying attention so of course Avery fell down and cut her bottom (much better than her head though!!) She'd been bed ridden for 2 weeks and was weak and exhausted...what did the PT think was going to happen?? You'd think these people would know how to do their jobs properly.