Sunday, 29 November 2009

Last Group Incident

I decided on Friday to call and report the incident Violet had at her last group at The Spastic Centre on Wednesday.

I rang the Manager of the centre who works at the Head Office and explained the situation to her and told her I was not impressed at all, especially with the lack of supervision and support that Violet needs and was clearly neglected. I also told her I was not happy that an incident report was not made and that the incident was brushed off and nothing more done about it.

She was horrified to hear her Physio had not been holding her at all and not only because Violet has CP and vision impairment but of all things a shunt that she could have damaged, with serious consequences!

She was equally as disappointed to hear that an incident report had not been written and that Violet's Physio had not even bothered to followup with a phone call one of the following days to check on how she was.

She apologised and told me she would be calling her Physio to discuss what had happened and make sure this kind of thing hopefully doesn't happen again.


Dianne said...

Good for you for saying something! I can't believe the physio didn't follow up at all. I hope that she gets a stern talking to and thinks twice about her actions (both during the after an incident like this) in the future. I am relieved to hear that Violet is OK. xo

Alison said...

I think you did the right thing in calling. How else will people learn if we don't educate them??? I won't even start on the whole issue of her being a supposedly educated health professional...

Josephine said...

Good. That pt needs to know that she can't just do stuff like that and act as if she did nothing wrong.

Belinda said...

Good on you! You certainly did the right thing!

Andrea Junelle B said...

Ok, so Violet HAS also been diagnosed with CP as well.. wasn't sure until this post. & TOTALLY agree w/ the other posters, you did the right thing by calling!! Thats a SHAME that you even HAD to call though, there should have been NO incident to even call about!
Has Violet had to have any shunt revisions/replacements??
With Rowan being only 20 months old LUCKILY she still has the one that was put in not long after birth *knocking on woood..* but I'm just truely TERRIFIED of when the day DOES come when she needs it fixed and/or replaced.. *sigh*
Ok well I'm sure you'll see MORE comments from me as I read on.. :) :)
Andrea & fam.