Monday, 2 November 2009

Botox & Orthotic Clinic Appointments

Botox Clinic first this morning...Violet as usual was very uncooperative for the therapists assessing her today. They mentioned they would like Violet to see someone at the hospital about her anxiety (of appointments, treatments etc) to hopefully help. It's not like her appointments are going to be finishing anytime soon, so I guess it wouldn't hurt. Just hate adding another thing to our to-do-list.

They made the decision to leave her arm/elbow/hand this time around only because they thought this could give them the chance to give her the maximum doses needed for her calf. They agree her foot has become a big problem and sadly Violet has more casting starting in 2 weeks.

She also had her Orthotic Appointment while we were there and she was casted again for her new AFO...did you notice I said AFO meaning only 1 this time! They are happy with her left side as her toe walking on that side has minimised enough to not need one! They will instead organise an inner shoe orthotic for her left foot as she has the difference in leg lengths. She chose the same design as she has already for her right AFO.

After picking up some meds from the pharmacy there, Violet talked me into going to the Starlight Room. She had been reasonably well behaved so I let her get her face painted as a you can see by her smile it sure worked!

Now fingers crossed we see some good results from the Botox...She has her Follow-up Botox Appointment 30th November.


Alison said...

I hope you get a really good response from the botox. Ashlea NEVER co-operates for appointments - as soon as we walk into an exam room she starts howling and doesn't stop until we leave. By that stage most doctors are quite glad to see us go! My girls love the starlight room too.

Dianne said...

Love the facepainting and hope you see results from the botox. I don't much blame her for not being keen on the appointments - but it makes it so much more work for you! Hopefully the promise of face painting next time might make her more enthused!

LOVE the new pic at the top of your blog page!