Monday, 30 November 2009

Botox Clinic Follow-up and Casting

This morning we had Violet's Botox Clinic follow-up appointment which for the first time in 2 years of her having Botox injections, we actually attended the follow-up in person as they are normally quite happy to do it over the phone.

They are reasonably pleased with her results so far. Her heel is alot flatter than what it is normally, although still not completely flat. Her foot is still in varus position which was one of our Botox goals, but unfortunately this has not been helped.

After this appointment we had Violet's last (hopefully) cast put on for this serial casting block.


Belinda said...

Hoping it is the last cast Sarah! Glad there is improvement to be seen!

Andrea Junelle B said...

Hello there! My name is Andrea, I'm Rowan Elizabeth's mother - you posted a comment on our wordpress blog recently :) 1st wanted to say Thanks for posting your comment and letting me knw I'm not alone..
Secondly your daughter sounds like a little fighter as well! Best wishes to her AND YOU!

I saw the pics of her pretty pink AFO's at the bottom of this 1st page here, and Rowan has VERY simaliar ones (hers are purple though!) and NOT QUITE as high up.. I am following your blog now though so I will most DEFINATELY check back often. My email address is PLEASE PLEASE feel free to email me if you ever need to talk! I have your email address as well from when u posted ur comment at our site! Your daughter, you & your family will remain in my prayers. I hope to talk to you again soon. Til then, take care. xoxoAJ, Rowie, & family