Saturday, 31 October 2009

Preschool Orientation

This morning Violet had her Preschool Orientation from 9.00-10.15am.

She thoroughly enjoyed herself and besides smacking another boy on the hand cos he wanted to use the computer that she was pretending to play, she behaved herself.

Being in these settings always concrete the fact that Violet is not the "usual" 4 year old. Seeing other children run around, playing on play equipment, complete tasks with great ease are just some I can mention without going into detail. As much as I love seeing other children being able to do these things, it upsets me that Violet can't and has such difficulty. I guess with time I will come to an acceptance that is just the way things are and all we can do is keep trying to implement steps for her to try to learn different things.

Dave and Emily came with us so they could see her Preschool and Dave gave the Manager a bit of run down on his concerns for Violet attending the centre. It's weird how wherever you go in life you immediately see the dangers for Violet...uneven ground, play equipment, sandpits, steps, tree roots exposed to name just a few.

While we were there one of the staff members came to talk to me and mentioned that she has a 22 year old daughter who has Quad CP and attended the same Preschool and although she has had many struggles with her life and therapies, she is now driving and working, it was lovely to hear all about her and great to know someone there understands CP first hand.

The Manager and Staff have been very accommodating for Violet's medical conditions and special needs which has helped make the decision to send her to this Preschool alot easier. It's always nice to know your child feels welcome regardless of their additonal needs.

We have an appointment on the 27th January with the Manager and all the staff to further discuss Violet's needs and her medical health action plan, so everyone will be as aware as they possibly can before she starts.


Josephine said...

I'm glad that Violet had a good time! It's true that the world looks like a different place when you have a child who has more safety issues...
I'm sure that Violet will love preschool even more as time goes on :) Avery loves it!

Alison said...

I'm glad Violet had a great time at preschool - I am sure that in spite of all our worries our girls will thrive at preschool next year! Great that a staff member really 'gets' CP - sounds like a great centre.

Big brother, Little sister. said...

sounds so positive Sarah. I understand all your hesitations and that feeling that comes about watching children of the same age doing things with such ease. I find as time goes on those moments are few and far between as we get used to our "normal". Bron xo