Friday, 23 October 2009

Health Action Plans

I went to sort out Violet's Health Action Plan for her Preschool with her GP on Monday and he has never done one for someone like Violet. He has only ever done them for Anaphylactics and Asthmatics. You would think he could use the same form and just adjust the relevant conditions, symptoms and medical intervention needed.

Well luckily I had pre-empted that he wouldn't know how to do them and typed up my own version to see if it would be acceptable and also took a health action plan form I found on my internet research. He decided he would use the form I had printed off the net and attach my typed action plan to it.

So, on Monday when I take it into her Preschool, I am hoping this will not only be sufficient but also effective in helping the staff recognise Violet's medical conditions, symptoms and medical intervention needed for dealing with these. Which I hope while she is at Preschool they never have to deal with!

A few other mums I know at The Spastic Centre have already told me they have had to re-write their plans for their children as they were insufficient. But in saying that, they seemed so thorough and well written I have no idea how they could have improved them.

Does anyone else have any Health Action Plan advice? Any examples of their own I can use to help me write Violet's?


Alison said...

No advice Sarah as I haven't written Ashlea's yet - I'd love to see Violet's when it is finished so I can get some ideas from you!

Laura said...

Is this similar to an Individualized Education Plan & Health Summary that we do here in the States?

Sarah said...

Laura, Not sure. Health Action Plans here are to outline a child's medical conditions, symptoms and course of action for medical intervention.

Dianne said...

Sarah, I will ask at CPEC on Monday. They might even have something as a template I could pass on xo

Sarah said...

Dianne, That would be fantastic if you could please!

Josephine said...

Good for you for thinking of that before you went! Probably saved yourself a lot of time and hassle :)