Sunday, 25 October 2009

Don't you just love feet!

I know this is a bit of a gross subject!

In recent months Violet has been developing a large, very thick and hardened callous on her Hemi side foot from the repetitive pressure on the same area for so long.

I am a little worried about has also blistered and is getting quite painful for her to walk on. So, I am carrying her even more than I normally do and at 20kg's it's not easy, as you would imagine.

She is booked for more Botox injections on 2nd November and I am hoping this will improve this problem for at least a few months by improving her foots positioning and also her crouch gait.

Any ideas on what to use on this kind of callous? Which is clearly going to be another ongoing issue for her due to her CP.


Carla said...

Poor Violet! I remember my older sis getting bizarre & painful callouses, blisters, and everything else from her toes shoes when she danced ballet. She swore by Lambswool & Moleskins. She got both at a ballet shoe supply company. Hope this helps:)

Sarah said...

Carla, Thanks for the tip. But I don't think that would be possible for Violet as she has to wear AFO's with her shoes aswell.

Alison said...

Wow - that looks REALLY painful.

If you could get something like a corn pad only larger - like a thick round bandaid with a hole cut in the middle - maybe that would help take the pressure off the blister. Just a thought. I'd try talking to someone in the chemist - or maybe even a podiatrist would have some ideas.

I hope it heals up quickly it looks very sore.

Josephine said...

Ouch, that looks painful. I've seen gel type pads for plantar warts, maybe that would help.