Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Serial Casting

Violet had a Physio appointment at the Children's Hospital today.

This was to get a new referral for her next AFO's in November and decide what kind of AFO they would try with Violet this time around, as her leaf-spring AFO's are just not holding her in place, making it basically pointless in her wearing them! They are still unsure whether to put her in a hinged AFO.

Physio decided to do some more serial casting starting from today as she agreed that Violet has become even tighter with less range than she had initially and her foot is just looking awful turned in so severe and starting to callous from walking on the side of her foot.

She has her cast on from today until Monday when we go back for another cast, then another one before she has more Botox in November.

Physio will make a decision on which AFO will be best for Violet after her casting.

She has been okay, but has of course asked a gazillion times to take it off already!


Belinda said...

She's a champion girl! xx. Hope Monday comes around quickly!

Dianne said...

That is such a great photo of her! I am sorry that there's casting again, but hope that it will result in better movement and less discomfort from Violet. I also hope she gets used to having it and that it's not for too long! Di

Alison said...

I hope the casting does the trick. We have only tried it once - and Ashlea managed to get her foot out of the cast!

Shame you aren't having them removed on Tuesday as we'll be at the hospital that day - could have caught up.

Josephine said...

I'm sorry, poor girl. I think about this a lot - if we had to go through everything our girls have to go through, I doubt we would cope with it so well. Well..actually that's probably true for me, but of course, YOU have gone through a lot yourself, and seem to be amazing with it, so I suppose I'm the only weakling!

levi said...

Violet looks so gorgeous. What a great pic. Hope the cast dosnt annoy her too much.Casts are not fun. Hope monday comes around soon. xoxo

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Brave girl! hope things are still settled with them on :) love the pic, Violet looks like she has grown about a metre! lol

Sweetest Girl in the World said...

Casts are no fun... but hopefully this round will show a lot of improvement.

We've had our share of casts to correct Audrey's feet, as well. Her left is not 100% but we've opted to keep her out until she's able to walk.

I hope Violet gets used to them quickly! I'm thinking about you guys!