Friday, 7 August 2009

Violet's Scleral Shells over the years

Here are all of Violet's Scleral Shells over the past almost 4 years.

Inbetween her eye mouldings being taken, her Ocularist builds them up adding more to them until he needs to take another moulding.

Starting from the far left her clear one that she wore from 4 months old, then we moved onto the fantastic hand painted coloured shells.

You may notice the shell that is second from the right is her last one and it is bigger as I mentioned in my last post than her new one which is the one far right. But, it fits much better without being bulky.

I am so thankful for Ocularists and the fantastic work of making these shells for children like Violet with Microphthalmia. Just look at the difference in the photos below with and without her shell!


Belinda said...

They are amazing Sarah! Some great people can do some great things!

Laura said...

What a huge difference Violet's shell makes! Wow!

Korin said...

I can't believe its been almost 2years since i first reached out to you for advice. Isabella is going to be 2 in October. Time flies! We still have issues with Isabella's shell tolerance. We were able to get a mould under general anesthesia..we had to travel to Boston, MA and we changed her ocularist to the Jahrlings in Boston, MA as well. So we have traveled out of state quite a bit this year. We have a better fit thats for sure but she still breaks out in a foreign body reaction everyday her shell is in (for about an hour and then it subsides) and she still can only wear it for a few hours everyday. We went for Isabellas first fitting of glasses today..what a nightmare but she just had a 3 hours exam yesterday and her seeing eye definitly needs glasses so FINGERS CROSSED she will say oh my goodness i can see and wear them of her own free will. We will see!!

Alison said...

I agree they are amazing - but also kinda creepy staring at me from my computer screen like that!

Dianne said...

They really are amazing!! Aren't we lucky to live in a time of such technology and expertise?

I am curious to know - are they easy to damage? And difficult to care for? AND most importantly, I really hope the cost for them is covered for you?

Violet is such a gorgeous girl - very photogenic! ;-).


Kristen said...

What a difference the shells make!!

Violet is a very pretty girl! It's a blessing to have this kind of expertise available, making it easier for others to not overlook her beauty!