Monday, 24 August 2009

You've Got Mail

Today Violet received a parcel in the mail from Bron, Cooper and Pepper at Big Brother, Little Sister for Violet's birthday.

When Bron mentioned to watch the mail, I was quietly hoping it would be one of Bron's many wonderful sewing creations...and it was!

They sent some lovely pressie's for both my girls, we love them...thanks Bron, Cooper and Pepper.

I will post a photo of Violet wearing her new skirt when the weather is better, as it decided to rain in Sydney today!


Alison said...

Very nice!

Laura said...

Oh, how cute is that skirt?! I just know that Violet will look darling in it. :o)

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Violet and Emily you are more than welcome for your little gifts xo we too are expecting gale force winds here in melb today . Bron

Naomi said...

Well Done to Bron! They are gorgeous! Violet is a very lucky girl :)