Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The joy of being 4

With a 4th Birthday also comes the fact that you need your 4 year old vaccinations.

So this morning I decided to take Violet for them and also to have her blood tests to check her Liver Function, Full Blood Count and Tegretol levels.

First, she had her bloods taken and as she is starting to get used to being a pin cushion for blood tests she managed well...although she kept saying "mummy I need you!" over and over again...even though she was being closely held by me and I was the key person holding her down for the test.

Next onto her vaccinations, she was bribed with a Freddo, and she sat on my lap to have them done. She did of course cry a bit...but was soon back in the car telling Dad all about it.

Hope to hear the results from her blood tests tomorrow.


Susan, Mum to Molly said...

Well done Violet!

Well done Sarah!

Gotta love Freddo frogs for getting through 4 y.o. vaccinations - we did the same earlier this month...

Belated Happy 4th Birthday Violet!

And belated GREAT cake to mum!

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Gee you are right onto it Sarah! hope the results are all good for the other tests too :) I am 6 months late for Coopers ones and I do;t even think a freddo will cut it these days xo Bron

Alison said...

So grown up the way she deals with those blood tests. I hope the results are good and she doesn't need to have them done for awhile.