Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Damn CP

This morning we had a home visit from Violet's Physio from the Spastic Centre.

I told her my conerns about Violet's walking lately. Even with her AFO's she still has been toe walking, and inverting her right foot but in the past month she has started walking crouching her right side, which apparently I have learnt is actually called crouch gait.

This worries me alot as she has been having alot more trouble walking like this and think it couldn't possibly be good for her hips.

So, her physio is once again going to see if Violet can be bumped up the list for botox sooner than November, which I highly doubt, as they just have so many children that are on the list. She will also see if we can get some more casting.

She bought some shoes around for Violet to trial as her foot is so tight it lifts out of her AFO and her current shoes. She is going to look into ordering a new set of AFO's as it won't be long until she outgrows hers and hopefully a different kind to help hold her foot in place better.

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therextras said...

I am sad to see your daughter has to wait for care. I take it has to do with the system of medical care where you live.

Sounds like your PT is doing all possible to help. What you describe shows you have a good awareness of which problems to address.