Thursday, 20 August 2009

Appointments here we come!

For the past 3 months since my operation I have definitely struggled with no way to get around due to being unable to drive for those 3 months. Well, on 30th August I can start driving again

The lull in our appointments these past months has been very much enjoyed but sadly they are once again starting to fill our calender.

Our main appointment on the agenda is Violet's AFO's. Her right foot is now way too tight and keeps lifting out of her shoes, even her Peidro boots, her walking is getting worse and her turn in her foot is worse! So, we will be seeing the Physio at the Children's Hospital and then the Orthotist for new castings for a new set of AFO's.

Hopefully she can also be bumped up that Botox list already!


Dianne said...

Boo about the return to appointments, but YAY about the driving again!!! xo

Belinda said...

You won't know yourself! What will be your first trip?

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Oh no, if only we could all stay in our own little worlds! wouldn't that be lovely :) hope all the appointments go well and you have some support xo

Alison said...

Yay for driving again, but bummer about all the appointments. I hope you get up the botox list sooner - just as long as you don't bump us off - we haven't had ANY yet!!!